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Drop me a line at EdwardD20@danleys.org with suggestions or problems.


ST8 PL8S a.k.a. ST8PL8S (State Plates) is a simple program to pass the time away while tooling across the USA. The object is to watch for license plates from different states. Once found, select the state and mark it found. You'll learn a couple of interesting facts about the state along the way.

As a suggestion, don't recite the facts about the state. Instead ask others in the vechile if THEY can recite the information.

For those near the northern or southern borders of the good old USA, you can also watch for plates from various states in Mexico (MEX) or provinces in Canada (CDN).

I doubt you will ever run across one, but I've also included a list of US territories (UST). Chip G. tells me that if you live near a military base, you're more likely to see one. Thanks for the tip, Chip!

In 2002, my son and his friends took a trip from Illinois to Yellowstone Natl. Park and encountered 49+DC state plates. Within a week of returning home, he spotted the illusive 50th state (Alaska).

This software is freeware, but please drop me an email telling me if you like or don't like the program.


P.S. Here is a link to another type of ST8PL8S. While you're there, look for MAC OS 10 and you'll find my plate!

Version 4.2 - Dec. 10, 2006 Updated list of Govenors.

Version 4.1 - July 12, 2005 Updated list of Govenors.

Version 4.0 - Apr. 25, 2004 Now tracks when you first found the license plate. (DB is reset, you will loose your entries. Should be the last time.)

Version 3.0 - Mar. 29, 2004 Redesign database to be much smaller. (DB is reset, you will loose your entries.) Never made it to public release.

Version 2.2 - May 12, 2003 Add tracking for trailers (DB is reset, you will loose your entries)

Version 2.1 - Jan. 9, 2003 Updated Governors elected in 2002 (Updates will not appear until you reset the DB) Corrected problems with MN and MT display

Version 2.0 - Nov. 28, 2002 Added counters for cars, trucks, cycles. Added URL for state. Added Governors for each state. Update Details screen: Canada now are Provinces. US Territories now are Territories. (DB is reset, you will loose your entries).

Version 1.2 - July 2002 Added state tree, order, and date became a state. Added counters for UST, CDN, and MEX.

Version 1.1 - June 2002 Added state nicknames. Added counter of States found (50+DC). Tested to work with Palm OS 5. Posted source and project along with .prc files.

Version 1.0 - Initial release - May 2002

Bridge Review

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Suggestions for game/usage improvements should go to Blake Harrop at blharrop@yahoo.com.

Suggestions for implemention problems should go to Ed Danley at EdwardD20@danleys.org.

BridgeReview is a simple program that lets you record your bridge hands so you can recall the hand(s) and discuss them later with your partner.

The instructions are simple. After each hand, select the drop down for the hand. Then simply use the check boxes to record what cards both you and your partner had.