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These are a few of our favorite links (kind of makes you want to sing huh?):

Daily (or almost daily) links I just have to check out!
Chicago Radar
Mac Daily News
Joy Of Tech
ars Technica
The Unoffical Apple Weblog
CAP Col. Shorty Powers Composite Squadron
Other Special Links
T. Rowe Price
Other Danleys and friends home pages
Sky Danley Productions, Inc.
NSol! PV
Gaming on the Mac
mac game store
Mac OS X Packages
Free and OpenSource Mac software
Purdue University
Purdue University Bands
Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma - National Band Fraternity/Sorority
Local places we are associated with
St. Pauls United Church of Christ
DuPage Apple Users Group
Apple User Group Resources
Color Blindness
Can you tell red from green?
Ishihara Test for Color Blindness
Colorblind HomePage
Emulation Links
Bernie ][ The Rescue
Online Dictionary
Many Dictionaries at Once!
Other Computer Industry Related Links
IBM BookManager® BookServer Lib
Hoax's, Urban Legends and the like
Urban Legends Debunked
Idioms - The Origin of The Phrase
Genealogy Related
DuPage County Genealogical Society
Christine's Genealogy
Music Related Links
Musical Instrument Jokes
The Bread Site
Midi World
Aviation Related Links
JWA Aviation
Clow Airport (1C5)
Bankstown NSW Australia
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assocation (AOPA)
Local Area Links
DuPage County IL
Naperville IL
Lisle IL
Downers Grove Public Library
Downers Grove IL
Other Links For One Reason or Another
Wide Open West Cable
Internal Revenue Service
U.S. State Department
USPS Zip+4 Lookup
NIST Java Clock
50 US States (+1) Vacation Planning Guides
Various School Links
Victory Elementary, Milwaukee, WI
Christopher Lathan Sholes, Milwaukee, WI
Pulaski High, Milwaukee, WI
Haworth, Kokomo, IN
NCHS Redhawk Band
Naperville Central, Naperville, IL
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